Wet Blue hides (Bo)

(Code: 003-0031)

Wet Blue Integral ( Full Substance ), Bolivia Highlands

Wet Blue Hides, 

Origin : Bolivia Highlander , Altiplano

This material is limited to small quantities monthly, extracted from a selected area in the bolivian highlands, with the following characteristics :

  • european breeds
  • no humps
  • no fire brands !!!
  • no ticks !!!

because the cold weather and highlands were are the animals, we can offer this kind of hides as the best of Southamerica.

Size : 32 Sqft and 42 Sqft

Selection : AB & C ( we offer together and separated at different price).

Price: ask to us


Pieles en Wet Blue Altiplano Boliviano

Las mejores pieles de Sudamerica :

  • ausencia de marca de fuego
  • ausencia de picadura de garrapatas
  • ausencia de jorobas, todo piel de animales de razas europeas

El Wet Blue lo vendemos en Integral, pero si nos lo pidieran dividido podriamos tambien.


  • AB & C

Se venden juntas , o separadamente a otro precio.

Tamaño :

  • 32 pies2 & 42 pies2 de medias

Precio : consultar